Apple is conducting testing of new hardware products of 2020

Posted On April 4, 2020

Apple is conducting testing of new hardware products of 2020

The situation of the Corona virus outbreak is very intense in the US now that companies have to order employees working from home, including Apple. Recently, Bloomberg reported the situation at Apple and said the new series of hardware products are still undergoing testing as usual.

Accordingly, 9to5Mac newspaper quoted a report from Bloomberg said that Apple is still continuing for its upcoming plans this year with products to be upgraded such as HomePod speakers, Apple TV, iPad, Apple Watch. and iMac. The report does not go into specifics, but focuses on ongoing product development as employees work from home.

Earlier, the same 9to5Mac newspaper reported several times that the new Apple TV was preparing to debut. Bloomberg also reported that Apple is developing a new HomePod speaker, but the details are still unclear.

Photo: HomePod speaker with Siri was launched in June 2017

In addition, the report says that meetings are still over the phone and video conferences. Apple also requires employees to use FaceTime, Slack, Cisco, Jabber or WebEx platforms to maintain confidentiality. As for file sharing, Apple limits the use of the Quip and Box app.

Bloomberg also believes that the new generation of iPhones with the expected name of iPhone 12 with 5G connectivity will still launch in the fall as usual. New versions of the operating system, which are about to be released at WWDC 2020, are allowed to be brought home for work, but must be thoroughly tested by Apple and approved by the highest levels of the company.

Next, Apple also allows hardware engineers to bring the first version of hardware products to work and test, and this is contrary to common practice, because Apple previously only selected the Designated personnel take the product home for field testing.

However, working from home will be boring, right? Therefore, Apple organized a photo sharing contest for employees while working at home and however, if you’re doing something secret, remove it from your photos.


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