How to fix missing Menu New menu when right-clicking

Posted On December 10, 2019

Many Windows users experience the loss of the New Menu by right-clicking. When you right-click on the Desktop or in Windows Explorer but do not see the New option in the context menu. Sometimes users have a New menu but the New> Folder option is missing from the context menu. Do not be too worried in this article Danny2507blog will guide you on how to overcome the frustrating situation.


Most of the time this problem occurs because you install a third-party software such as a tweak utility or an old incompatible driver that removes the New menu or Folder option by mistake or by an application developer error. . The software accidentally deleted a necessary key from the Windows Registry resulting in the lack of New or New folder options in the context menu. Sometimes if the Registry key is corrupted, it can also cause the New menu to disappear from the context menu.

How to fix lost New Menu

Edit the Registry

 Step 1: Go to Run, type Regedit, and press Enter to access (Or open Run with shortcut Windows + R, then type regedit, enter)

Step 2: Navigate to:


Step 3: Now create a new key by right-clicking ContextMenuHandlers> selecting New> Key> name the key New

Step 4: Click on the New key just created. On the right side, double-click on (Default) and enter this code and press OK:


Step 5: Close the Registry window, right-click to see, New menu has reappeared.

Use the our .reg file

If you feel lazy and don’t want to waste time, use this way. By downloading this file:


Extract and run the two .reg file


In general, both ways are the same and give the same result so we recommend you to use method 2 to fix it quickly. Also, if you have the New Menu menu but the New> Folder option is missing from your computer, use the Registry download here to restore the New Folder option in the New menu. How to do it the 2nd way. I wish you success!

Notice: I am not responsible for anything happen to your computer due to misuse of those steps!

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