Turn off annoying notifications when playing games or watching movies on Windows 10

Posted On November 23, 2019

Have you ever been disturbed by notifications by Facebook, Chrome, Antivirus, system … while playing a Game or watching a movie, which is very annoying? And you are frustrated because you cannot shut up these alerts completely? Let’s use a pretty useful feature available on Windows 10 to completely fix this problem.


With Focus Assist – a do-not-disturb mode on Windows 10, you can relax in entertainment activities like playing games, or watching full-screen movies without being bothered by notifications.

Turn on Focus Assist

  • Move the mouse to the bottom right corner, click to turn on the Action Center dialog box.
  • Click Expand> click on the Focus Assist icon to complete. However, you should set some advanced options by right-clicking Focus Assist> selecting Go to Settings to proceed with the setup.

Focus Assist Configuration

This is focus assist’s interface

In the settings, under Automatic Rules, turn ON mode in 4 settings:

  • During these times: Set to turn off all notifications in a certain time period. I usually set this notification during games or watching movies.
  • When I’m duplicating my display: Prevent notification when the computer screen is split.
  • When I’m playing a game: Block notifications when playing Game.
  • When I’m using an app in full screen mode: Block notifications when the computer is in full screen interface. For example: Watching movies, watching videos …
  • Click on the options one at a time, then set the Focus level to Alarms only, and uncheck the Show me a summary of what I missed while focus assist was on.

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