PvZ 2 hack version 7.5.1 on iOS without jailbreak 2019 max level

Posted On August 24, 2019

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the hacking process of a well-kown game called Plants versus Zombie 2 on iOS without jailbreaking your device. Sounds impossible, right? This tutorial will surprise you with PvZ 2 hack on iOS without jailbreak having unlimited gems, all plants unlocked (even premium ones) and they all get Mastery 200. Ready? Let’s hack PvZ 2 now!


Previously, I have written a tutorial on hacking this game version 7.4.1 with all plants unlocked, max level and unlimited currency on iOS, which was the same as this hack, but it is old now. PvZ 2 7.5.1 was released on July 30 featuring three new plants: Blastberry Vine, Pokra, and Imp Pear. That’s why an updated hack is needed for dear readers of this post to enjoy the three new plants.

So? The way we hack will be the same as in the previous post, but with an updated account unlocking all the new plants, unlimited currency and plants with mastery, and more! It’s time for you to scroll down, understand the amazing things you’ll get with this hack, follow the instructions and click the Get Account button!

Hack PvZ 2 on iOS without jailbreak

What will you get with this PvZ 2 hack

  • Unlimited gems (Teach me how to spend all of them)
  • Unlimited coins (Well you’re a millionaire in this game)
  • Unlimited Mints (Hmm? True?)
  • All plants unlocked (No more money wasting on paid plants), oh and it is unacceptable for you to forget to try the new plants! :))
  • Max level for all plants (No more time-wasting leveling them up)
  • Unlimited Sprouts
  • Unlimited Gauntlets
  • All Costumes Unlocked
  • All Level Completed
  • Max Mastery
  • Unreleased Plants Unlocked

In this link, I have used the shortened link to have a budget to maintain the web, I hope you will sympathize and support the web by clicking on the box “I’m not a robot” then clicking on “click here to continue ”so it redirects to the account page.

How to use the hacked account to enjoy the PvZ 2 hack

  1. Firstly get the account’s email address and email password by clicking the button above
  2. Go to App Store and install PvZ 2 (Skip this step if you’ve already done)
  3. Open the game. Click the lovely blue cloud icon
  4. Click Register Email
  5. Enter the email that you received in step 1. Then click Register
  6. It will ask you for a verification code. Close the game (DO NOT CLOSE IN MULTITASKING). Open Safari and go to webmail.danny2507blog.xyz
  7. Enter the email address and password you got in step 1
  8. Then click on the inbox that the app sent. (Please note about the time you entered the email address in step 5 for the right email)
  9. Go back to the app and enter the verification code
  10. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP. It will say something like ‘idenity conflict’. Click continue, now CAREFULLY choose the hacked progress account and click continue.
  11. Enjoy

P/S: I reset the email password and the hacked progress everyday so no worry if anyone tried to change the email password or the hacked progress become corrupted.

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    Unlimited gems
    Unlimited coins
    Unlimited mint
    All plant unlocked
    Max level for all plants
    Unlimited sprout
    Unlimited gauntlet
    All costumes unlocked
    Max mastery
    Unreleased plants unlocked


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